Friday, August 1, 2008

Jaxon !!

Today is my nephews 11th BIRTHDAY!!

Last night we all got together for dinner and had so much fun.
I asked Jaxon what he wanted for his birthday and he said;

Jaxon " I need a bag of deodarant"

Me: " UUHH ok, WHY?"

Jaxon: " Well, I am getting older and I STINK!!!"

Me: "OK how about something funner like legos or music"

Jaxon " ok get me a CD player"

Me: "ok you got it"

So, I got him a really cool cd player that will also allow him to hook up his IPOD !!

My mom and my sister got him some cool deodarant!!

What a kid, Jaxon your amazing and the best nephew EVER!! I love you so much. We all appreciate all that you do for the family, I am glad that you and I are so close and that when we are together we have so much fun...


Love always,
Aunt Heidi

Results !!

So yesterday I went into the my follow up appt. with my doctor

Fibrosis and Ductal Ectasia.
HUH ???

Yeah, that is what I said, so Fibrosis is I don't know and ductal ecstasia is when the milk ducts swell or close. This mostly happens in woman 40-50 years of age... So she said to me "Heidi, welcom to getting older"

Are ya kidding me, older?
I have now decided I will not turn 30 this year, I will turn 28 years old again and I will remain there forever!!!
Getting older REALLY, who says that. So I looked up dectal ecstasia online and yes it happens to woman who are PRE-POST MENOPAUSAL !! OOH how I am aging.
So it was good news, but we found a small lymph node in my arpit that is now swollen and I am supposed to watch it and keep track of it. I see her again in January and she will do another ultra-sound on it then. Other then that I am doing really good, I have very little pain at all.
That is due to the fact that mine are VERY VERY SMALL!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Being the "OTHER" Parent

I am a STEP MOM!!!

I am not this:

So I thought.

I really try hard to not make my "Step kids" feel like they are mine and not just his!!

So things I do to make this happen:

1. Buy them school clothes and school supplies. I use equal money on all the kids.

2. Equal money spent on X-mas gifts.

3.Never call them my "STEP KIDS", they are my children and I love them.

4. Attend all parent teacher conf, and back to school night.

5. We pay our child support and for school lunches.

6. Paid for braces on both kids.

7. Paid for glasses and contacts.

8. Very active in the sports they play or things they like to do, and it goes on and on, not that I am saying I am super mom and all, but I really try hard to let them know I love them and the qualities they bring to the family.

So they are getting a older and it was a fight to have them come over sometimes, so Kev and I agreed to let them come over when they want to, as to making them be there. This was really hard for me to do. I wanted to see them all the time and do so much as a family, but I agreed and it has been pleasant. So here is why this kind of STEP MOM COMES OUT!!

So now, I am fed up with:
1. Naomi (mom) tells the kids that I am only Heidi not mom.
2. Does not let Callie call me more then twice a week.
3. Refuses to let them do homework @ our house, we will do it wrong.
4. Tells them that Kev and I love Mattie and Brohlen lots more since they live with us 24/7.
5. Wanted to take Callie and Mattie to Hannah Montana concert was told no she can't go, then took her herself.
6. Will not let the kids take the toys we bought them over the her house.
7. She now will not let me buy them school clothes, she told me this today,
8. When I did buy them she would hide them or throw them away.
9. If I tell her I am planning on doing something fun with the kids she will go out do it or not let them come with us.
10. Doesn't let them attend church with me.
on and on.................................
I Would not ever change anything in the world that I have done and not wanting to complain because I love my life, I am just tired of "PARENTS" being absolutely RIDICULOUS!! Get over it and move on, for the kids sake. Be happy that there is some one in your child's life that loves them and is willing to be there for them.