Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy !!!

Ok, I have not posted in a long time!!
We have been BUSY.
So here is a rundown, and soon I will put the pic's.
Callie's birthday, Lexi's birthday and my birthday.
Then I had surgery on my stomach, two days after my surgery,
I had surgery on my mouth and part of my jaw.... TOOK 4,
YES, 4 hours in the dentists office!!!
Home in SEVERE PAIN !!!
I don't know what I was thinking.
OOOH and then x-mas party after x-mas party!
Could not eat.... and still have a hard time eating meat. Thats ok it is not my fav.
Presents, presents... hubby made great breakfast, and my parents and sister
came to my house to enjoy it!!
I love that tradition!!
So, still healing and then New Year's....
and here I am now.
Mattie is seeing a heart doctor soon, her seizures are more minimal, and I have to see the doc soon too, and we get to see the MONSTER TRUCKS next month.
WORK, play and be MERRY!!
I have made home made Banana Bread, choco chip cookies and my own home made breadsticks as well as almost everything now home made.
I noticed Mattie's blood sugars did better if I did not use that yucky box stuff.
So, there you have it me in a nutshell!
I hope this makes you happy, MOM and KRISTIE!!
love you though.