Friday, March 13, 2009

The Vacuum

I don't know about any of you, but when I clean I have some crazy OCD.
For instance, I can not use a mop on my floors, I hate that it pushes all the dirt everywhere.
Sooo I use my magic eraser friend and clean on my hands and knees.
I also ALWAYS have to clean the bathroom with PURE Bleach, if I can't smell the bleach I don't think my bathrooms are clean.
I vacuum my house EVERYDAY!!!
I hate crumbs on the floor, especially in the kitchen, and if I can't see
vacuum marks on the floor I feel like it is dirty.
Yes, my kids and Kev think I am INSANE.
Because, when they clean.......
I say thanks so much, and then I do it again!!
But my biggest problem is...........
I leave it out, it is pluged into the wall and the cord
is stretched all through the house and I leave it there, and my WHOLE
house is clean, but I can't put the vacuum away.
It feels like TOO much energy to put it away.
So, the other night Kev was coming to bed and the vacuum was left
in the hall.....
OOH was I ever in trouble.
I know, I am a fanatic about some many things,
but, really putting the vacuum away?
So, tell me what you can't put away, and make me
feel better!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last night we had our Relief Society Birthday Party!!
It was so much fun. I went with my cute neighbor Stephanie, and got to see all my lovely sisters that I usually don't get to see.
Being in the Primary is such a blessing, and now that Brohlen gets to go to Primary I can see all the nose picking adventures.
But, being in Primary I do miss out on the great lessons that are taught by the wonderful sister in our ward, and the deep discussion they have, and getting to meet the new members that come.
I know that my calling serves a great purpose and I can't be happier with my calling, becuase the kids say the craziest things about the mommies and daddies !!
Last night we had Simple Grace come and sing for us, and it was really amazing how ALL of us could feel the spirit and know the love that we share with each other.
It is such a blessing to have so many woman in our lives, that can help us through so many challenges and to know that we are not alone.
I am grateful for the Relief Society and for the church.