Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{ OUR SeCrEt }

I have a secret that I will share with you....I know that your not supposed to tell secrets, but this is too cute to not say. Kevin and Mattie don't even know!!

Since I went back to teaching dance, I usually don't get home til late. My sweet Brohlen waits up for me to get home.

Any one that knows me knows I LOVE TREATS, cupcakes, candy bar, ice cream, any fun treat you can think of I LOVE IT!!

So, since Brohlen is usually awake on my late nights, him and I share a small SECRET. We get a treat whether it's crackers and cheese, apples, chocolate, cupcake, ice cream, carrots and ranch... you get the picture.

Yep, him and I sneak a treat and than we EAT IT in his room and giggle, that no one knows our little secret. He makes me laugh because he just giggles and thinks it's the best thing in the world.

The other night I came home and he ran down gave me a HUGE (((HUG))) and couldn't wait to show me what he had in his bedroom. We sneak upstairs and under the covers was....

HOLY MOLY TREATS.. I think he had every kind of treat we had in our house, he had:
A Twinkie,
a bag full of our bite sized candy bars,
the box of Toaster Strudels,
Pop Tart,
He cracks me up he said " We can only have one bite of each treat"

NO, we did not eat those. We had crackers with some pepper jack cheese, brushed our teeth and went to bed. I am so thankful these times and these SECRETS we share.

I know that I will never forget them and neither will he, and maybe one day when he is like 30 he can have a SECRET with one of his kids.