Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Better, MUCH better

Here is the update since my last post;
Tuesday: HORRIBLE, then got better.
Went and played with my friends baby Preslie and took her little boy Parker,
we went to the church for some basketball fun!!
Wednesday: Better, I did have to stay home with Mattie.
Got ALL my easter done, and saw Jylaire and her cute kids. They even invited me to go with them to their grandmas house!!
Thursday: Had a good day at work.
Friday: YEAH friday!! Nice being home with my family.
Saturday: FROZE at Billy and Callies soccer game, and YES they both won!
Then ALL of us watched movies and had popcorn.
Sunday: RELAXING!! watched the GC and played GC Bingo with Mattie.
Kev made breakfast and then he went golfing, we had dinner,
then went out for an ice cream treat!
Things are good in our home and everyone is healthy, or mouthy!!