Thursday, July 3, 2008

My addiction's

So cute Jill posted about her addiction to DR. Pepper and was really funny.
So here is my addiction's

Love these things, it is almost to the point that I can not go to bed until I eat one of these with a glass of milk. Ya, that totally adds up to more calories and fat grams then I need in one day. They are so good.

My other love of my life is Mr. Clean, yes his bald head is cute.... but he can really clean my house. With three older kids and Brohlen aka Dennis the Menace, it is so CRAZY how dirty my house can get. I buy a box of these at least every two weeks, I REALLY CLEAN EVERYTHING with these. I maybe think my hubby a bit jealous.

My other addiction is Diet Coke, so we started to buy this after Mattie was diagnosed with Diabetes, now, we are all STUCK on it. I am trying really hard not to have it at all, or just one a day. Since I have cut back I did lose 3 pounds... YEAH ME!!

So there are mine, it will be fun to have "friends" post addictions too. Thanks Jill!!