Friday, September 11, 2009

A Child's Advocate!

Mattie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five years ago.
Wow, that went fast!
I remember in the hospital, thinking of what it would be like for us five years from then or even longer.
Would it be under control,
will there be a cure by then,
Is she going to be with me forever,
How can I change this
What can I do differently
All of these thoughts were running in my mind, and the scariest part of my answer was,
Nothing I can do will change how it is, will not make it go away, nor can it cure her.

I can,
Learn and keep learning,
I can be a good listener,
I can give her my strenght,
Encourage her,
Trust her,
Love her,
Give her comfort,
Kiss her fingers and her bruises from shots,
Mainly teach her where to find her own strenght.
NEVER have I allowed it to be a crutch. We continually have some small struggle.
Recently, we had an altercation with Mattisin's school teacher.
She refused Mattie to test her blood,
Wouldn't let Mattie call me for insulin,
Let her walk in the hallway ALONE, when Mattie was low,
Wouldn't let her eat a snack,
Told Mattie on several occasions that she NEEDS and has to have
better diabetes management.
did I think I would EVER have to step up for her diabetes this way.
I was totally shocked, and felt so hurt.
I stood up for Mattie and let the teacher know,
this is not ok,
it is not ok for you to talk to her this way,
Mattie and I go through enough as it is, we don't need this in our lives.
Luckily... I handled it very much like a big girl,
I wanted to throw a HUGE temper tantrum and REVENGE!!
I didn't..
I talked calmly and told them, that Mattie will have and use her rights!
All seems well now!
Mattie may be teased from time to time,
or get her feelings hurt.
There is nothing I can do about those things in her life,
when it comes to her health and her diabetes,
I will take ACTION!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long Time

I have not blogged in so long...

It is so crazy how life goes so fast, and before you know it....

You have an 8th grader, two 6th graders and one cute and cuddly Dennis the Menace who just wants to go to school sooo bad... he can't he is only 4!!

Life just can't get any better for us right now. There isn't a lot to say, we are a normal family with CRAZY, mouthy, sweet, cute, stinky, adorable, smart, frustrating KIDS!!

I went back to teaching dance, and I love it. I love being with the girls and seeing them accomplish. The only draw back is, that I get home later at night.. and I feel I missed so much with my kids.

So, on my days I don't have dance,

I play hide and seek outside til dark
Bake cookies with them
Watch scary movies, and eat popcorn
Put together a fun puzzle (Brohlen loves this)
Play Transformers
Play Spiderman, I am always the bad guy though :(
Have Mattie do my nails
Do Mattie's nails
Make forts in the house
Talk Girl Talk, Like Totaly!!

Worry about the messes
Hurry to do the dishes
Stress about the laundry not ALL done
Care anymore if my house is NOT perfect ALL the time.