Friday, May 30, 2008


Mattie sees her real dad about twice a year since he lives in Texas now. I have always let her decide when she wants to go and I always pay for the plane tickets and what ever she needs so she can see her dad. So Nov 2006 she went to Texas for Thanksgiving and spent a week with her dad. While there he felt it unnecessary to follow the instructions for her diabetes and I was going to fly down there and he assured me that he would start to take care of it. So she came home first part of December and was immediately put in the hospital with Diabetic Ketone Acidosis (very bad). I was not angry with him, just wanted him to realize that we deal with it daily and need to do what is best for her. I think he has the point now... Anyway she wants to go this upcoming weekend to Texas, and I have agreed to let her go. I don't want her to miss the opportunities with her dad.

My friend told me that I was being very careless with her, and now I feel guilt. I think it is OK to let him have another chance to show that he will do what is necessary for her health, and Mattie really wants to go. I do not push my opinions upon her, she is allowed to make her own choices, but yet as a mom now I want to tell her NO...

HELP, not sure what to do, I don't want to be a bad mom and expose her to the danger again. Any advice will be great.....

We went to the Zoo last weekend and it was so CROWDED, but we did have fun. It is so nice to be able to go and do things as a family and actually get a long...

Brohlen's Favorite part was the train and of course the MONKEY'S thats because he is a monkey.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My poor Callie broke her arm about 3 weeks ago and she finally got her cast on... Thankfully she did not have to have surgery on her arm, since this is the second time she broke it and in the same place.. Can we say CLUMSY !!! Now she has an adorable pink cast and her mom put cute black dots on it, and it is water proof so we can still go swimming this summer. That is if she can behave and not fall down.