Friday, May 8, 2009

Repeat, repeat, REPEAT!!!

When you were a kid and you mom said
" I am tired of repeating myself"
What did you think?
Probably NOTHING......

I am sure that my kids ears are PAINTED on,
or maybe they don't work.
Sooooo, ALL night last night,
I said
"Mattie pick this, up"
"Mattie please pick this up"
"Brohlen stop spitting"
Brohlen stop spitting"
"please eat your dinner"
"please eat your dinner"
"do your home work"
"do your home work"
"No more fighting"
"No more fighting"
I am a broken record
The funny part of this is,
I remember my parents saying;
"Why do I always have to ask you a hundred times"
"why are you not listening?"
OOOH it came to get me!
Don't get me wrong,
my kids are GREAT!!
ALL of them are sweet, and soo smart.
Like the other day,
Kev and I had our anniversay....
Mattie cleaned the house and helped Brohlen clean his room.
Mattie also wanted to take us out for dinner!!
So nice of her, so she took us to..............
Yes, McDonald's.
It's the thought that counts.
It is just driving me crazy to say it over, and over, and over and over...
I feel like I can't stop saying it!!!!!!!!!!
We went to dinner and I got cold so Billy
took off his jacket and gave it to me.... (ooh)
Callie is always helping me clean, and she is always complimenting me.
Brohlen...... uuumm he is Brohlen.
Crazy, silly, BOY and ALL BOY!!
He tells me he loves me about a million times a day.
All of them always make sure that I am eating or I got something good to eat,
instead of always being the last or the one with the burnt piece.
I guess it is ok to repeat.
I get so many more blessings from my kids, they are AMAZING.
My kids are EVERYTHING!!!
From the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep
and even in my sleep,
I long to be with them, hold them, hear them play,
laugh and ok even fight!!
Being me is GREAT