Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweet Mattisin!

Yesterday was Matties birthday!
I can't beleive she is 11 years old ALREADY.....
How time goes SOOOOO fast.
I still remember like it was yesterday the day she was born.I had a hard pregnancy, but I NEVER complained.
When I was 7 months pregnant my gall bladder got blocked by
gall stones. Before my surgery I had 2 shots of steroids a day.
My surgery was 8 or so hours long and OOOH so painful.
I had to be started 2 weeks early due to my blood pressure being so HIGH
but, it was an EASY delivery.
Three pushes and she was out, it was amazing.
I remember bringing her home and it snowed that day,
and I panicked about the driving.
I dressed her up like a little doll, and she NEVER wore the same outfit twice.
Mattie, was the most WONDERFUL little girl.
ALWAYS happy,
always helpful,
always smililng,
and the sweetest GIRL EVER!!

Once when I got really sick,
she was laying by me on my bed and started singing:
"You are so beautiful to me" oooh how I cried.
Mattie has saved me so many times in my life.
Her spirit and faith is so strong,
she is the best example.