Monday, September 15, 2008

(Logan and my daughter Callie)

I have been putting this post off for a couple of days now, I knew I had to get through it without crying.
Early Monday morning my brother in law Lance (kev's bro) called
and let us know that are sweet Logan passed away.
She died peacefully in her sleep, with no pain, with courage and strength to face
the next part of her life.
When Logan was born 20 yrs ago, she was born with water on the brain, and then she
developed other compications, like scoliosis and others.
The doctors told Lance and Stacy that she would live to be no more then a year old,
and her fiery spirit never gave up nor quit.
At a young age this little hero defeated her odds, her bravery will live on in all of us that
knew her. Lance and Stacy took 1 year and turned it into 20 wonderful years, and I am glad I got to be a part of those years.
In some small way, there has been situations that you could say, happened
for a specific reason. Maybe Logan knew the time had come, to pass on
and to take a journey with God.
My friend Jill posted about "do you think things happen for a reason"
In this case I do, for instance there was a reason, I got to spend Friday, Sat, and Sunday with Logan. Normally I don't spend that much time over at Lance's house..
Also, that Sunday night Logan whimpered in her sleep Stacy went and loved her better, and usually Stacy doesn't stay with her long, and this one time she laid with her on her bed
for a while... Logan was saying good bye MOMMY!!
She knew she had to have a special way of saying good bye, since she could not talk
she did it with her love and comfort.
It is hard to see a blessing out of something that hurts so bad.
Her death is not what scares me, it is the aftermath.
Knowing the huggs, kisses, her laugh, the toy throwing, hair pulling IS ALL GONE!!
Logan has moved on, but never will she be forgotten.

Logan, Aunt Heidi loves you so much. Thank you for the wonderful memories, hair pulling, and the Park City trip we took. I am forever grateful for your courage and I hope to live up to the blessing you bestowed upon me.


Aunt Heidi!!