Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The "MAN COLD" can be a tragic event for all us gal's. There is the whining, and the groaning and the world comes to an END!! He can not move, he can not eat by himself, he will tell you it is more painful than child birth!!
He will tell you it is the the PLAGUE.
YOU need to pity them as well as wait on them HAND & FOOT
The symptoms are horrible:
sore throat,
low energy
and the telltale man-whine.
What's a girl to do?
Yes, it's up to us ladies to save a man from their colds.
Let's go through the drill:
Do not put him in bed. Instead, let him stay on the couch.
Turn on the TV — fast. Not the History Channel. That takes thinking.
He'll be too weak to call for you, so make sure to check in on him every three minutes.
He'll need an endless supply of tissues, fast food, cookies and lots of love.
Once he shows signs of improvement (by asking you what you're doing every 10 minutes), he's ready for a movie series.
Next step in the man-cold treatment plan.
Tell him you can't remember if you feed a cold, starve a fever or the reverse, so you'd better call your mom; if she lives in the vicinity, invite her over.
If a week has gone by and there's no improvement, bring out the big guns: get a good chick flick if he's not in the shower after that, then try these chick flicks too:
Steel Magnolia's
The Notebook
Princess Bride
A Walk on the Moon....
He'll be back on his feet before you can say, "Do these pants make my butt look big?"
My friends and I always get a good laugh after one of our hubbies gets this catastrophic cold, it is funny to me how they fall apart because they are sneezing or they have the body aches!