Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Inhale and Exhale

When did my kids grow up??

Where have I been through all this, I don't remember them growing up !! (j/k)

Mattie ALWAYS has her cute friends over,
and they came to Kev and I last night

"We are having a Halloween Party on Sat,.."
"ooh we need you to help us make invitations"

There was no ASKING
We were TOLD!!

Kev and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders
and went to get the scrap book stuff out to make invitations.

How come I can't SAY NO??

I guess I would rather have them at our house
then I know what is going on and what is being said.
We want our kids to have the best time in life,
and so LET'S PARTY!!!

One of Mattie's friends said "your parents ROCK"

Yeah for us!!

We are now planning a 6th grade Halloween party.

I will need ideas, you mom's!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Love Him

I love this guy!!
Ok, just kidding, we are not perfect, nor do we have a perfect marriage.
But, we have each other.
He is always saying something funny,
he is so smart,
he is charming,
he ALWAYS smells sooo good, yumm.
We have been throug a lot this last couple of months,
and have tried so hard to work together to figure things out.
Last night Kev came in bed and woke me up
"hey, I just wanted to tell you that I love you"
me: "I love you too, good night"
Kev: "no, I mean I really do love you and is there anything I can do for you to help you"
me: " ummm, no, I love you too. Go to bed"
Kev: " I can't sleep, I feel like I just need to talk to you"
So, NOW I am awake, and we talked about our future,
our kids
our dreams
and we laughed.
He is so funny
The thing that made me feel bad and the reason for the post is;
He said " I love our kids, but I love you sooo much more, is that bad"
Me: "No, it's not"
Kev: " Well I love being with them, but nothing compares to when I am with you,
or when we are hanging out"
I on the other hand, I think I feel differently.
I love Kevin with all my heart,
I love my kids....
When I wake up I think of them first,
when I shop, I think of them first,
Is this a MOTHER thing??
Why do I feel bad, that my kids are first??

Sunday, October 18, 2009


OOh the swine flu....

It hit my house!
My poor Brohlen started with a high fever Friday night.
His fever was 102.8..... AAHH

So Sat morning I took him in, and confirmed swine flu.
He also has very large tonsils and an ear infection... (sad)
The doctor got us a referal to the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.
He snores so bad, and his tonsils shouldn't be so enlarged.

So, they said either quarantine Mattie or Brohlen,

Mattie has no immune system so we have to be extra careful.
She is so bugged by me now, she already washes her hands
several times a day, now I am a washing hands FREAK!!

It has been so hard to keep them away, we are such a close family,
and they play so games all the time, that its been sad, and Brohlen feels bad.

I have bleached my entire house, and washing our sheets everyday.
I am sure if I keep things really clean than no one else will get this bug.

The doctor said that it's good I brought him in so soon, that way we are catching it before
more of the mucus and fever set in, and the sooner he is on an antibiotic the sooner we rid of it.

Fever today has been low 102-100... Yeah!!
He is such a little trooper, and still is trying so hard to play.

Other than that, we have had a pretty good weekend, and Mattie hasn't had a seizure!!!