Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Inhale and Exhale

When did my kids grow up??

Where have I been through all this, I don't remember them growing up !! (j/k)

Mattie ALWAYS has her cute friends over,
and they came to Kev and I last night

"We are having a Halloween Party on Sat,.."
"ooh we need you to help us make invitations"

There was no ASKING
We were TOLD!!

Kev and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders
and went to get the scrap book stuff out to make invitations.

How come I can't SAY NO??

I guess I would rather have them at our house
then I know what is going on and what is being said.
We want our kids to have the best time in life,
and so LET'S PARTY!!!

One of Mattie's friends said "your parents ROCK"

Yeah for us!!

We are now planning a 6th grade Halloween party.

I will need ideas, you mom's!!


Brooke Jean said...

At least they let you know ahead of time. I remember at one point (3rd grade, I think) my friends and I invited people over for a "party" and never even asked. My mom figured it out when one of the kids' moms called to confirm it was legit since the invite was on a piece of paper and written in pencil!

Heidi Rogers said...

That's funny Brooke!!
Your the best!

Mindy said...

Your too cute - your hubby sounds like a great guy - I am glad I found your are you?

The Homer House said...

You are amazing. I just got caught up on your posts and I have to say that you are an awesome mom. You do ROCK...not only because you are having parties but you play with your kids and don't worry about the house (I am trying to do better at that) but you also go through daily struggles with the trials you and your kids have been given. You have a positive attitude and do the best you can with a smile on your face. You are a strong woman...and it sounds like you have a great husband! Keep up the good work and keep being Diabetic Super Mom-you fight for little Mattie, she will remember that!
My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mattie. Keep on keep'n on girl! You ROCK!

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