Saturday, August 30, 2008

OFF to School !!

So, all of my hoodlums started school Monday.
Billy went to Jr. High, Callie in 5th grade and Mattie 5th as well.
Billy had a really great day in Jr. High he found all his classed and met a CUTE GIRL!!! Callie, loves school and her teacher and is excited to keep going and was very sad that the weekend was coming!!

Mattie on the other hand didn't start off to such a great start!! After I dropped her off she started having a seizure, it was an Epiletic seizure.. I stayed the rest of the day with her. Tuesday another seizure, Wednesday a REALLY LONG one and then they progressed into the day and in the night. Thursday early morn was probably the worst one yet.

Mattie does have GRAN-MAL Seizures, but, they don't happen very often and we usually can kick them pretty quick. Lately, they have lasted anywhere from a minute to 20 minutes and she will come in and out of them.

Having so many of them made it difficult for her to do normal task, such as:
Talking, chewing, walking, remembering easy things as where she is or where her bedroom is at.
We are going to start her on another seizure med and will keep tracking them. The last couple of days she has been doing so much better,it is just heartbreaking to see her lye there limp, confused, and very angry. I was looking at her and staring just to see if she was ALL THERE, and she started to cry and said:
"Mom, please don't look at me like I'm a freak"

OOOH how I cried, I felt horrible, I always teach her not to look or stare at others since she knows how it feels and yet I did it to her.

Mattie, mommy loves you so much, you saved my life!! Everyday is a blessing with you and I am glad that we can share our clothes and fun memories. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday BIG BOY!!

Brohlen turned 3 today !!!

His b-day turned out so fun, all the family came for cake and Ice Cream. Although, he did want a Dora cake... we settled for Batman!!

NO !! I did not make the cake, I am just not good at that stuff, Brohlen put in the candles himself too. For some unknown reason, Kev decided to give Brohlen drums and every thing in Toy's R Us that is SOOOOOOOO NOISY!!!!!!!!!!