Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kev went up camping with a bunch of guys, so the kids and I went to the Roy Water Park!!It was really fun, it was nice because Mattie and Brohlen just played in the kiddie pool and I got to lay out and relax.

So, I had to say something POSITIVE about our swimming adventure... WHY??

OOH I will tell ya, I did not want to go, I gained a bit of weight and put my swimming suit on and OOOH BOY did I look like
YES, that is RASPUTIA from Norbit the movie!! So, I had to buy a new swimming suit and there was some slim pickins @ Target today. I also HATE getting my picture taken, I am my worst critic EVER!! Mattie snuck one in of me and it is time for me to SHAPE UP. Although I did have a lot of fun swimming and I did not go thru any fence when I went down the water slide.


I bought Brohlen some Spider Man snow boots, so that we could RARELY go out side in the FREEZING COLD... so here he is with his new boots on.

he keeps wearing them and wearing them, yes it is summer and he has shorts on and MOON BOOTS, he looks like Napolean Dynamite.

OOH and yes here they are again, shirtless and BOOTS!! I really have hid them and almost threw them away, but I just could not hurt him that way.... AAAGGHHH!! He even sleeps with them on. He has to wear them to church so he can show his FRIENDS??? Really Brohlen your are ONLY 2.

So, I am just going to have to live with it, and eventually they will not fit.

Better late then Never!!

So our 4th of July was GREAT!! We went to the Layton park and I got to see Tana, and Charissa and lots of friends from school. We had a BBQ at our house, it was really relaxing. Brohlen usually loves the fireworks, but he got scared of the sparkler and then was afraid when Kev lit the big fireworks... He is funny boy

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sonora Grill!! It will be Yummy

Sonora Grill!!

Kacie you have made us all very, very HUNGRY!! We should all try and get out there so we can then drowl with Kacie..
I have heard this is a Fresh Mexican restaurant and with wonderful service as well as food.

Go check out Kacie's page and she has a fun little drawing too!!