Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So my little SKITTLE was operated on today. They removed the lump and my surgery took about an hour and a half, my incision is 3 inches long and feels like its on FIRE!!! Other then that I am doing really good. My kids and hubby are taking really good care of me, daddy went to pick Brohlen up from the babysitters and had a talk with him about being very careful, so when he got home Brohlen said " you booby sad today", "yes Brohlen mommies booby is sad and sore". So he gave me a kiss very carefully on my cheek.

My wonderful neighbor took Mattie to Lagoon A Beach today so Mattie was not bored sitting around.

The doctor told Kev, that she is not sure what she has removed, she is not sure that it is Fibroadenoma or a fatty tissue or a cyst. So we will just wait for the biopsy and then go from there. I am positive it is absolutly nothing.

Keep our fingers crossed, and I hate taking pain killers so pray I don't need one for a while.