Thursday, September 11, 2008


I remember I was driving to work that morning and heard it on the radio, there was so much disbeleif and thinking "No, how does this happen, why". When I got to the office everyone was surrounding the TV, and others were calling family members who were either flying or who worked near the area.

There was so much fear, and terror, uncertanty, and a feeling that all hope was gone. The world has lost it's smile, and the presence of happiness just disappeared. My boss told us to go home and be with our families.

I think that was the longest drive of my life, every station was tuned in to what was going on, people in their cars crying and frantic parents trying to get to their loved ones. When I saw my little Mattie she was smiling and so happy to see me, I did at that moment cry. I cried for joy, sadness and every other emotion in the world.

I was lucky... I still could hold my daughter, laugh with my mom, watch scary movies with my dad, shop with my sister, and most of all I was still here.

I personally did not know any one of the 3000 people killed in the incident, but it did hurt and did affect me by seeing the millions of people suffering and wondering what happened to their loved ones.

It is hard to believe that things of this nature happened and or can happen at any moment of our lives. It is still such a hard thing to cope with for me, and I can only imagine what so many people are going through and what they have gone through.

For those survivors and for those who have lost a loved one, I keep my prayers and thoughts for you daily, knowing that you will forever be hurt by such an act of cruelty.

Hopefully every one can take a deep breath and be thankful for the many blessings we have in our lives and for the loved ones we know, knew and still can enjoy. !!