Friday, August 22, 2008

Jesus's Day

This post is just in case NO ONE knows, that you can not have a BIRTHDAY on Sunday!!

Brohlen is turning 3 on Sundy August 24th, and I said:

ME: Brohlen your birthday is on Sunday
Him: No, it's Jesus's day and we sing songs
Me: I know after we have church then we are having cake and ice cream, and presents
Him: No, mom my birfday is on Saturday, not jesus day..

At this point he is crying and yelling at me at the same time....
I love this kid and his sweet spirit, I am so blessed that they love the gospel, and that he knows Sunday is church day. Even if he didn't I still love him.

So no one has a birthday on that day!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


We may or may not have ALL had the CALL :::


I wish we all looked like Daisy, but no.. it is a huge call center and most of the agency now are on dialers (horrible), but faster dialing.

No, they are not pleasant and it is the hardest thing to hear on the phone, saying you have a past due bill and you have to pay it NOW!!!

So, I have been in the collection YUCK for 10 years NOW, that is very, very LONG!! I have done it all from dialer to cold calling, or to being the manager and as well as REPO's...

Yes, I have had to reposess cars, trucks, vans you name it.

Three years ago I got our home phone hooked up and with in 24 hours the calls POURED IN!! Collection agency after another, after another... calling for "Jane Doe"... several times of wrong #, this is the Rogers house now, we don't know her. Yet again, they tell me I know where she is and this is her phone #.... BLAH BLAH BLAH

YEP, I have had it. I know the collection Law and I know how they try to get around it, I also know that THEY CAN NOT KEEP CALLING ME!!!

This young kid called again last night @ 9:15 PM (so braking the law) and asked for "Jane Doe"

ME: Wrong # this is the Rogers House

Him: Oh do you know her

Me: NO, and please take this phone # out of your dialer please.

Him: Well, do you know how I can get a hold of her?

Me: DUH, I do not know who she is and we EVERY ONE in the US is looking for her, so good luck getting your MONEY!!

HIM: how did you know it is a collection call?

ME: Done it for 10 years and now you have just broke 2 laws, don't call after 9 and NEVER tell any one it is collections. Now, please take my # off the dialer and don't call again please.

HIM: Ok, thanks

This morning @ 6:20 AM
Me: Hello

?: is "Jane Doe" there

ME: You guys called me last night @ 9, and that is a big NO,NO and now your calling me at 6 in the morning, what state are you in?

?: New York... I need "Jane Doe"

Me: Wrong # I want your manager NOW

?: Well, I am the manager............ (yeah right)

thats the oldest saying in the book, your taught to say that..

Me: No, your not your breaking the FDCPA law and now I want a manager.

?: You don't even know what that stands for and I will call you every hour on the hour until you get "jane Doe" on the phone.........

There was more said in the conversation, but WOW it felt like an eternity, this kid was so persistant... AND OOOHH will I find him and that Company... it is my job to find people!! Now, I have a better collection job it is only Accts Receivable, and it is for businesses!!


Then he hung up on me and the worst part of it all is, that they call from random 800#'s so there is no way to trace the call, or to even find out what company he is from.
I am VERY tolerant of this, since I know how it works... BUT don't threaten a threater!!

So, not a very nice morning and now I hope none of my lovely friends have to go through this,

but if you do let me know and I will help you to get them to STOP CALLING YOU!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I took my girls up to Park City this weekend to go school shopping !!!
We had so much fun, my sister-n-law and her best friend came up and we stayed in a suite at the hotel, right across from the outlets.

We went to Historic Main Street and ate pizza and then went swimming all day and all night, as well as SHOPPED, SHOPPED, SHOPPED !!!
On the way home we stopped and saw the Devils Slide...
I wasn't to impressed with the deals they had up there, I remember always going with my mom and we got really good deals, and as my girls would say " that was WAY back in the day". We got a lot but they were the same prices as they are down here, but we will def. do it again.