Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spouse Tag

Where did we meet? At my sisters house, I thought he was nerdy at first
2. How long did we date before we married? 5 Years
3. How long have we been married? 3 years and I never remember our anniversary ( I know horrible)
4. He surprises me by.... unexpected treats or lunch at work!
5. My favorite feature of him is.... his huge eyes and smile, he makes me melt
6. His nicknames for me are... babe, sexy mama (he must be blind)
7. His favorite food... meat and potatoes YUCK YUCK!!
8. His favorite sport .... football (redskins fan BOO) & golf (boring). When I am in trouble that is what I get stuck watching GOLF!!
9. Where was our first kiss? his apartment 3 months after dating
10. Our favorite thing to do? watch football, play cards or games with the kids
11. Any children? Four and NO MORE!
12. Any hidden talents? He can bluff his way through any card game (AARRGH) I NEVER WIN
13. How old is he? 3o and with a walking cane HA HA
14. Who said I love you first? I did, I think
15. Favorite type of music? Metallica, or anything really
16. I admire him most for....his BRAINS!! he is so smart, he juggles running his business and us, can always make us laugh and smile, even when he is supposed to be in time out!
17. Do I think he'll read this? Yes, I will make him read it. I wear the pants in our house!!

Kristie you are TAGGED!!