Friday, October 16, 2009

New Day!!

Yesterday was a hard day.
We had incidents with Mattie's teacher, and FINALLY got her moved into a better class.

Now hope full she will have better blood sugars, YEAH!!

I am still testing her at midnight and 3:00 am, since that is when our bodies produce the most hormones.

And, I ate and got some rest.

My cute husband cleaned our house, and got me Carl's Jr. for dinner. I had been craving a big juicy, messy hamburger!!

I still have so much ANXIETY.....
the incidents that happened at Mattie's school, were bad, bad enough I had to contact an attorney and was told that I do have a case.

Although, extremely messy and expensive. We decided not to pursue the case and to work it out the best we can for Mattisin's sake.

I can't go into detail yet of the case on a blog, but..
I still feel as though I was brushed aside, they still are making me feel that they are not taking me serious. I want them to know that this teacher has personally affected Mattie.

I am sure it must be really hard to be a teacher, and have to worry about a diabetic.
But, when your child fears that teacher, and is afraid to tell the teacher about her diabetes issues, that to me is a big deal.

Well, we did get her moved and all I can hope now is that it will be better from here on out and move on. (my moms advice is always best)

Time heals us, and it will take some time. It's Friday !!

I hope every one has a good weekend and here is a happy quote to end on:

There is only one way to happiness,
and that is cease worrying about the things
which are beyond the power of our will.