Sunday, January 17, 2010

I really need to getting blogging more often.. I love seeing every ones blogs and their cute families, and all the fun stuff every one has been up too.

We had a good Christmas! This year we decided not to do a BIG xmas. Growing up I had a HUGE x-mas, there were presents galore, and when I had my kids, I thought that's the way it was supposed to be.

Well, it's not... or at least it doesn't have to be. We cut back, and I am so proud of my kids. ALL of them were extremely grateful for FAMILY and for the presents that they did get. I am really blessed to have them in.

Mattie is doing much better, YEAHHH although we are in puberty stage and that does mess w/her blood sugars, and we do have unexpected highs and lows.. but, with lots of testing and care full planning we are managing very well.

I usually NEVER set New Years Resolutions, it is hard to set something because than you want it more. But, this year... I really want to keep a journal as well as blog more. I love that I can write or say what I need to and then it's off my chest or get advice!!

We will see how it goes! Here are some pic's of my fam!


Jylaire said...

I'm so glad you're back! You and your family are so dang cute! I'm so glad you guys had a great Christmas, and that Mattie is doing better!

Anonymous said...
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Three K's and Two P's said...

Who is that anonymous post from?

Anyway, I love you and your cute family!

Anonymous said...

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